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web chat service

Providing Web Chat Services Is Now a Must-Have Offering

15th January 2019

Don’t Overlook Web Chat as an Important Customer Service Communication Tool Most website visitors look for a web chat service option if they want quick answers. They may even think of web chat before they look at an FAQ section or seek self-help options. But if they’ve unsuccessfully tried FAQs and self-help, they’ll definitely look …

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Why You Should Outsource Lead Processing

11th December 2018

Don’t Let Hot Leads Cool Off Due to Delayed Responses It used to be that responding to a lead within twenty-four hours was a best practice. Then a same-day response became the expectation. But soon even that was too long of a delay, as response times shortened to one hour. However, a sixty-minute response time …

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outsource tech support

Why You Should Outsource Your Tech Support

4th December 2018

Improve Results When You Outsource Tech Support Calls Many companies that manufacture a product or offer a service struggle to provide technical support to their customers. One reason for this is a shortage of skilled tech support representatives in many parts of the country. A second reason is the costs involved to do tech support …

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outsource customer service

Why You Should Outsource Your Customer Service

27th November 2018

Improve Outcomes When You Outsource Customer Service Work Many companies struggle to provide the level of customer support that their customers expect. Multiple factors contribute to this. Two key ones are a shortage of skilled customer service representatives. The other one is other corporate departments and initiatives that receive more financial and managerial support. To …

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Call Center Outsourcing

Don’t Hire More Call Center Staff When You Can Hire a Whole Call Center

20th November 2018

Use Call Center Outsourcing to Deal with Labor Shortages and to Increase Availability With the unemployment rate low and some jobs going unfilled, many companies struggle to fill open slots with qualified people. Such is the struggle at many a call center. If your corporate call center can’t find enough employees to meet demand, consider …

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call center outsourcing benefits

5 Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

13th November 2018

Use Call Center Outsourcing to Provide Exceptional Outcomes Without the Hassle Once considered the solution of last resort, call center outsourcing has emerged as a wise move to drive the call center forward, meet growing customer expectations, and maximize the customer experience (CE). Managers who think that outsourcing call center work means settling for something …

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call center outsourcing

Is Call Center Outsourcing Right for You?

6th November 2018

Don’t Dismiss the Opportunities that Call Center Outsourcing Provides If you think call center outsourcing means sending your calls to another country and subjecting your customers to people with hard-to-understand accents, then you have a misunderstanding about outsourcing. Though outsourcing call center work can mean sending calls to other countries, the majority of call center …

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outsource call center work

6 Reasons to Outsource Call Center Work

9th October 2018

Consider These Reasons to Take a Fresh Look at Call Center Outsourcing In today’s business environment, outsourcing often offers a desirable alternative to combat escalating payroll costs and the liability associated with hiring staff. However, despite this clear benefit, some managers remain reluctant to outsource. It might be they fear the unknown, but, more likely, …

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