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Is Call Center Outsourcing Right for You?

6th November 2018

Don’t Dismiss the Opportunities that Call Center Outsourcing Provides

If you think call center outsourcing means sending your calls to another country and subjecting your customers to people with hard-to-understand accents, then you have a misunderstanding about outsourcing. Though outsourcing call center work can mean sending calls to other countries, the majority of call center outsourcing work stays within the United States.

Here are the significant reasons that makes US-based call center outsourcing the ideal solution for corporate call centers that want to do more, do it better, and do it for less.

Improve Focus

The goal of your business is to offer products or services to your customers, not run a call center. Though the call center is a support component of what you do, it’s ancillary to your core competencies. Don’t let operating a call center detract from your primary mission. When you outsource call center work to a US-based call center, you remove a secondary distraction and increase your focus on your primary objective.

Expand Coverage

Does your corporate call center have limited hours of operation? Most likely you can’t cost-justify keeping your call center open 24/7. But that’s what your customers expect. With call center outsourcing, you can realize around-the-clock coverage at a much lower cost than if you were to do it in-house.

Offer New Services

Though call centers run on the personal interactions of real people, their foundation is technology. It seems each new service you want to offer to your customers, requires new call center tools to provide it. Often this tech is expensive—both to purchase and to maintain. But instead of investing in even more technology, with call center outsourcing, your call center partner likely already has the tools you need in place. And if they don’t, they can get it and spread the technology cost over multiple clients.

Increase Customer Service Levels

Outsource call centers have one focus: serving you. Even if you have really great staff in your corporate call center, your outsource call center provider can likely surpass it, because that’s what they do. In their work they emphasize quality interactions, customer service excellence, and maximizing the customer experience (CE).

Reduce Staffing Liability

A call center is a labor-intensive endeavor. It requires people, and people want to get paid. This balloons your human resource (HR) costs, your payroll, and even more worrisome, your staffing liability. When you outsource your call center, you remove all these concerns and replace them with a single monthly invoice that has no HR payroll strings attached.

Save Money

Though it isn’t always the case, in most instances outsourcing your corporate call center will result in financial savings. In those rare cases where it’s a monetary wash, all the other benefits of call center outsourcing will tip the balance toward outsourcing.


Call center outsourcing has many advantages. When you outsource your call center work, your organization can increase its focus, expand coverage hours, offer new services, increase service levels, reduce staffing liability, and save money.

Given all these outcomes, outsourcing your call center work emerges as a smart move.


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