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Direct Call Centers is a full-service call center

Direct Call Centers

is a full-service Call center and Contact center that Specializes in Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO), for companies large and small.

We focus on four primary horizontal market niches: customer service, tech support, lead processing, and chargeback support. With these as the backbone of our services, we can serve most any industry ranging from hospitality to property management, from chemicals to high-tech.

Yet we also do more, much more. If you have a BPO or contact center need, let’s talk. We can build on our experience and our expertise to meet just about any requirement, for just about any sector.

Strategically located near Knoxville, TN, we operate in one of the most affordable cities in the United States, which attracts educated workers drawn to our region. The area is noted for its low cost of living and comparatively attractive compensation. This gives us a great workforce to tap into.

Our geographic location and climate—inland, not too far south, and not too far north—shelter us from most weather-related issues and coastal worries faced by call centers in many other parts of the country.

These factors allow us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations by providing high-quality customer service to you and your callers.

We have a hands-on leadership team, experienced management, and a dedicated staff of call center agents to meet your needs on time, every time.

Here are some of the highlights of

What Direct Call Centers Provides:

  • Professional Staff to Produce Exceptional Results

    Our staff is the cornerstone of everything we do. These extraordinary phone service agents are your customer-facing representatives. They are literally the voice of your organization. Coupled with professional is personable. For customer excellence (CE), you must have both to be successful: employees who are proficient and friendly. We hire only the best, seeking those with excellent communication skills and a lifelong proficiency in English.

  • Cost-Effective Service to Lower Your Expenses

    Because of our location—a desirable area of the country with a lower cost of living—we can hire exceptional staff at an affordable price. This is savings we pass on to you in terms of lower rates. We also supplement the work of our staff with leading-edge technology, which allows us to do more and do it faster. Again, you benefit from our investment in the best people who are backed by the best tools.

  • Experienced Management to Ensure the Best Outcomes

    As we said, our frontline call center staff is key to our success. And they’re supported by one of the best management teams in the industry, with decades of call center knowhow, practical experience across sectors, and a deep understanding of what it takes to provide the results you expect—and deserve.

  • Reliable and Powerful Technology to Support Our Staff in Serving You

    We don’t rely on outsourced software or servers. As a result, we have a more robust, redundant, and reliable call center. We also don’t farm out our internal call center tech support, but we have our own team of IT and networking professionals to keep everything operating as it should, 24/7. And this keeps you operating 24/7.

  • Scalable Infrastructure to Meet Your Needs and Match Your Growth

    Scalable technology supports everything we do. This means we can adjust our capacity to match your needs as you grow and change.

By offering all this and more,

We've Positioned Ourselves as a Leader

in providing excellent call center, contact center, and BPO services. Give us a call at 800-901-7706 to learn more