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BPO Contact Centers Can Monitor Social Media 24/7

29th January 2019

Responding Quickly to Social Media Activity Is Essential in Today’s Always-On Market

Your customers can post something on social media anytime of the day or night. How fast you react to their questions can make the difference between keeping a customer and losing one. And if someone posts a negative comment, responding fast can stop something from escalating out of control and even diverting a PR nightmare before it goes viral.

But with so many social media platforms to keep track of and the need to do so around the clock, companies often struggle to stay on top of it. That’s where a BPO contact center comes in. A BPO contact center can monitor social media activity on your page on each major platform, responding fast to posts, tweets, and comments. This frees your staff to attend to other matters, while still assuring a timely response to social media activity.

Here are some outcomes your BPO contact center can provide when they monitor your social media pages 24/7.

Monitor Social Media to Answer Customer Questions

When your customers have a question or encounter a frustration with your company’s product or service, where do they go? Some will look for a phone number to call, a few will dash off an email, and others will look for self-service solutions online. Yet a growing number of consumers will look for your company on their favorite social media platform, with Facebook and Twitter as likely destinations.

Your contact center can monitor your presence on these platforms and answer customer questions to resolve frustrations quickly, before they have a chance to fester.

Monitor Social Media to React to Negative Complaints

Social media is a popular place for people to vent. Your goal is to keep them happy, so they never think about venting. However, ignoring a customer’s critical comments online, regardless if it’s warranted or not, is a quick way to escalate a negative situation. Don’t let a negative complaint go viral and create a public relations catastrophe. The best way to keep this from happening is to react fast before things get out of control.

Social Media Monitoring Solution

To their discredit, too many companies treat their social media presence as an afterthought. Customer posts can sometimes go several hours or even days without receiving a reaction. This dramatically hurts those companies’ credibility with their customers, who are now convinced that the company takes them for granted and doesn’t care about their concerns.

Outsource social media monitoring to a BPO contact center, and let them handle these critical interactions fast and with excellence. And if something urgent occurs that they can’t address, they can let the appropriate people in your company know, so they can take care of it. Remember, a minor problem that’s ignored at 7:30 p.m. can mushroom into a major issue by the time a company opens the next business day.

That’s why you need someone to monitor social media for you 24/7. That’s why you need a BPO contact center.


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