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Don’t Hire More Call Center Staff When You Can Hire a Whole Call Center

20th November 2018

Use Call Center Outsourcing to Deal with Labor Shortages and to Increase Availability

With the unemployment rate low and some jobs going unfilled, many companies struggle to fill open slots with qualified people. Such is the struggle at many a call center. If your corporate call center can’t find enough employees to meet demand, consider call center outsourcing as the ideal solution to your staffing and human resources nightmare.

Here are some ways call center outsourcing can help your corporate call center deal with the labor shortage, while still providing quality service to your customers.

Expand Your Hours of Operation with Call Center Outsourcing

If your call center doesn’t operate 24/7 should it? Except in rare cases, the answer is, “yes.” But where will you find the people to staff your call center for these extended hours? It’s a real dilemma. That’s where call center outsourcing comes in. Let’s say you can staff your call center from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Then route your calls to your outsource call center provider from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. Now you’ve just doubled your call center’s availability and haven’t added a single person to the payroll. How great is that?

Cover Holidays and Weekends with Call Center Outsourcing

Now what about weekends and holidays? You can outsource these calls as well, which will save you the hassle of hiring additional staff for the weekends or paying a premium hourly rate for holidays.

Supplement Your Call Center Staff with Call Center Outsourcing

For a third scenario, let’s assume you operate your corporate call center 24/7, including holidays. They’re able to hit your target service level most of the time, but not all the time. Maybe there’s an hour or two each day where you simply don’t have enough employees to answer all the calls. Or perhaps unexpected surges come in that produces havoc with your average speed to answer. Again, the solution is with call center outsourcing. Just route these overflow calls to your outsource call center provider and let them take the calls for you.

Outsource Your Entire Call Center

Perhaps the challenge of staffing your call center with qualified employees has just become too hard to achieve. You can outsource your entire call center operation. This eliminates your call center human resource issue. No more hiring, training, or scheduling. No more layoffs or terminations with cause. When you outsource your entire corporate call center to an outsourcing specialist, you eliminate all the human resource liability associated with hiring call center employees.

Call Center Outsourcing Application

You no longer need to struggle with finding qualified employees for your call center. Instead look to call center outsourcing to expand your hours of operation, cover weekends and holidays, and handle overflow calls. An even better solution might be to outsource your entire call center operation. Don’t overlook this opportunity and all the benefits it offers.


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