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Why You Should Outsource Lead Processing

11th December 2018

Don’t Let Hot Leads Cool Off Due to Delayed Responses

It used to be that responding to a lead within twenty-four hours was a best practice. Then a same-day response became the expectation. But soon even that was too long of a delay, as response times shortened to one hour. However, a sixty-minute response time is no longer acceptable. Five minutes is the new normal, the expectation of impatient, I-want-it-now buyers. To surpass this new five-minute standard, wise marketers strive to respond even faster: within sixty seconds if at all possible. This is where outsource lead processing comes in.

With the many pressures that companies face to respond quickly and with excellence, they often find it challenging to do that when it comes to qualifying their marketing leads. Their processes simply don’t allow for a five-minute response time. And when they do respond, it may be haphazard or inconsistent. That’s why smart marketers—who are concerned with turning leads into prospects and prospects into sales—outsource lead processing to call centers that specialize in this time-critical effort.

Here are the benefits you can enjoy when you outsource lead processing to a professional call center that provides marketing response services.

Respond Fast

The key incentive for considering outsource lead processing is to achieve a speedy response. In today’s demanding, ultra-time-conscious environment, a hot lead can turn cold in minutes and forgotten in a day. What good is a lead that doesn’t arrive until it’s cold or dead?

The goal of outsource lead processing companies is to respond fast, ideally before the prospect has even considered reaching out to your competitors. Not only will rapid-response lead processing qualify more prospects, it also serves to limit their distraction from your competitors.

When it comes to qualifying leads, fast is good, and faster is better.

Qualify More Leads

The odds of successfully qualifying a lead diminish as the minutes tick by. If you wait a day or longer before trying to qualify a lead, perhaps one out of one hundred may pan out. If you wait an hour you make get one in twenty. However, when you can respond within five minutes after the prospect clicks submit, you have a high likelihood of qualifying that lead.

This means you qualify more leads for the same marketing investment. And you can accomplish this when you outsource lead processing.

Serve Sales Better

What salesperson hasn’t complained about the number of leads they receive and the quality of those leads? They all do. But when you can qualify more leads and get them to sales faster, the sales team will have more work to do and less time to complain.

Close More Sales

As you get leads to your sales department faster, they will close more sales. Companies that have adapted a fast-response strategy to lead processing can have their salespeople responding before the competition even attempts to react. In many cases this strategy can close sales before the competition responds.

Tremendous Value

What does it cost to outsource lead processing? For the great value it provides, the expense is surprisingly small. Usually, the cost is less than a small coffee. That’s a bargain when considering the value of the lead and the potential of the sale. And that sale is seldom one sale but the first of many. Consider the lifetime value of each new customer in contrast to the cost of one small cup of coffee.

Outsource lead processing is too good of a deal to pass up.


Minutes matter when it comes to lead processing. Don’t try to do this in-house, when you can use outsource lead processing from call centers that specialize in it. They can react fast, qualify more leads, and serve your sales team better. When this happens you will close more sales. Isn’t that the goal? Outsource lead processing is a tremendous value that you can’t afford not to pursue.


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