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Why You Should Outsource Your Credit Card Chargebacks Problem

18th December 2018

Don’t Accept High Chargeback Rates as a Normal Business Expense

If your company sells a product or service and accepts payment by credit card, you should expect some chargebacks. Not only do you end up refunding the customer’s purchase price, but you provided something of value and received nothing in return. In addition, you also incurred an expense to process the chargeback.

Although you can’t eliminate all chargebacks, you can develop a proactive strategy to reduce them. And when you outsource this important function to a professional BPO (business processing outsourcing) call center, you take a wise step to reduce expensive chargebacks and stem the losses from refunds.

Your Call Center Makes Chargeback Resolution a Priority

It’s unlikely that reducing credit card chargebacks is any ones primary job responsibility at your company. That means it’s going to get whatever time remains after the person handles their other duties. However, when you outsource credit card chargebacks to a BPO call center that specializes in it, this once low priority task gets elevated to a high priority initiative. That means they’ll give it the timely attention it needs and your customers want.

Your Call Center Provides 24/7 Customer Support

Many chargebacks and refund requests come from buyers who have trouble configuring the product or service. They get frustrated and give up. However, when they can reach a contact center anytime of the day or night, that helps address their concerns and greatly reduces the chance of them asking for a refund. And a full-service BPO contact center can handle phone calls, email requests, text chat, and even social media communication. This gives your customers a lot of options to get things working, instead of requesting a refund.

Your Call Center Can Make Proactive Calls to Purchasers

Another service that your BPO contact center can provide is making proactive contact with new purchasers. They can do this by phone or email, whatever aligns with the customer’s preferences.

If they downloaded software or signed up for an online service, they’ll likely try to begin using it shortly after their purchase. If you ship software or a product to them, your outsource contact center can time their phone call or email to correspond with the arrival of the shipment. They can coordinate this with delivery records from your shipping company.

Instead of just-in-time delivery, think of these proactive communication efforts as just-in-time contact. That is, they make contact at just the right time when the customer is most likely to be setting up, configuring, or attempting to use what they just bought. That way they can receive help before they grow frustrated.


Don’t accept credit card chargebacks as an inevitable cost of doing business. Although you’ll never be able to reduce chargebacks to zero, you can work to drive the percentage down—way down. And a smart way to reduce credit card chargebacks is to outsource this to a BPO contact center that specializes in the service.


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