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6 Reasons to Outsource Call Center Work

9th October 2018

Consider These Reasons to Take a Fresh Look at Call Center Outsourcing

In today’s business environment, outsourcing often offers a desirable alternative to combat escalating payroll costs and the liability associated with hiring staff. However, despite this clear benefit, some managers remain reluctant to outsource. It might be they fear the unknown, but, more likely, they don’t realize the ancillary benefits outsourcing provides.

Such is the case when outsourcing call center work. When you tap an outsource call center to handle your customer-facing phone and online communication needs, you can expect these outcomes:

1. Increase Hours of Coverage

Many businesses struggle to provide adequate phone support during their regular business hours. And even those who figure it out, often struggle when it comes to extending customer service to after-hours calls. It’s hard enough to hire, train, and manage staff to work days, but it’s even more challenging for second shift, and nearly impossible on third. Then factor in weekend work and holiday work to make the staffing issue even more challenging.

Outsourcing calls to a professional call center solves all these problems relevant to expanding your hours of coverage. An outsource call center works 24/7, so you don’t have to.

2. Reduce Expenses

While some see outsourcing as an expensive option, a thorough cost analysis almost always demonstrates that businesses save money when they outsource. And this cost reduction comes in addition to all the other benefits achieved when outsourcing.

The reason outsource call centers can offer their service excellence for less money is their economy of scale, their attention to detail, and their exclusive focus on call center work.

3. Enhance Service Levels

Another reason to tap an outsourced call center to handle your communication needs with customers is that you can usually enhance the level of service provided. For example, if you have three people taking calls in house, but six calls come in, what happens? The last three callers need to wait. They may grow frustrated and hang up. Even worse they could call your competitor.

Since an outsourced call center has many people scheduled for each shift, they can easily accommodate this unexpected influx of calls. They’ll be able to get to your callers quicker and provide them with an enhanced level of service.

4. Improve Customer Service

Since the only thing outsource call centers do is call center related work, they excel at it. They provide a high level of customer service that’s hard to match in house. When you outsource calls, expect customer service to improve. You’ll be able to measure the difference. This may be in the form of improved metrics or from better customer satisfaction scores.

5. Decrease Distractions

Operating an in-house call center takes time, effort, and skill. Often running a call center distracts businesses from attending to the needs of their core business. Many see call centers as a necessary offering they must provide, but they do so reluctantly.

When you outsource call center work, you remove these distractions and free in-house staff to attend to more pressing matters.

6. Remove Hassles

It’s a hassle to operate a call center. Problems range from staffing issues to customer complaints to budget constraints to upper management scrutiny. When you outsource your call center work, you remove all these hassles and turn them into a single line item on your financial reports. Your outsource call center handles these issues for you.

With all these reasons to outsource call center work, it’s time to give the solution serious consideration.


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